Marketing Insights: Is Your Business Easy to Find Online?

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: August 22, 2012

google cant find you

People have various ways of finding what they want to purchase online. One of the most popular ways is through Google. It’s so popular and efficient, in fact, that companies abroad have spent countless amounts of wealth into search engine optimization methods just to get to the first page of Google’s SERPs.

Thing is, you ought to think the same way. Not that I’m telling you to spend countless amounts of money to get you to the first page, rather, spend a good amount of time into making value-filled posts that people will link to. You ought to optimize your pages too for search engine crawling easiness.

You see, if it’s tough enough to get people to notice your business and its value in an offline perspective amidst all the other giants, get yourself in the search engines. It’s one proven way of getting highly motivated leads into your client list.

Have you ever tried Googling your business name?

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