New Ways To Learn Through Google Helpouts

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: December 4, 2013

New Ways To Learn Through Google HelpoutsJust recently, Google announce a new tool called Helpouts that would connect users with experts through live video chat. The live chats are intended to help users get information about home improvements, cooking, and even medical advice.

Helpouts is where approved companies can offer their services. As of now, Google invited 1,000 companies to participate and they want to keep it as an invitation-only marketplace.

These vendors have the freedom to set their own prices and to either charge users per minute or per session. Users can attend the video conference using Google Hangouts and can only pay through Google Wallet. Also, users need a Google+ profile in order to join a Helpout.

Google Helpouts is a great way to learn and enhance your skills right from the expert. The question is, how will this compare to watching YouTube tutorials? We have yet to find out. Check it out here!

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