Twitter Acronyms And Their Definitions

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: November 6, 2013

Twitter Acronyms And Their DefinitionsWith a limit of 140 characters, Twitter users need to make the best out of each character. One way to shorten Tweets is by using acronyms and abbreviations. But not everyone knows them. So I compiled some useful acronyms along with their definitions. Check them out:

SMH – (Shaking My Head) Twitter users use this when they read something that they don’t actually agree with or showing their disgusts.

H/T – (Hat Tip) This is used when Twitter users share something they heard from someone else. It is mainly used to give credit.

MT – (Modified Tweet) This is somehow similar with RT or Retweeting. The main difference is you us MT when you shorten the original tweet to fit it and your comment in just 140 characters.

TBH – (To Be Honest)  If you want to express your honest opinion on something, use this acronym at the end of your statement.

ICYMI – (In Case You Missed It) Updates and sharing of information is so fast nowadays that it is just easy to miss some of them. This acronym can help inform your followers of important news that they may have missed.

Next time somebody uses these acronyms, you can avoid being lost in translation!

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