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As the Coronavirus spread forces the nation to undergo preventive measures, our economy is heavily impacted by the restrictions of these newly implemented rules such as Community Lockdows, Social Distancing and Mandatory Curfews. 

Ports, main roads, and various trading establishments all over the country are forced to close or seize operations, in order to prevent the spread of this pandemic. As a result, business owners marked declines in terms of revenue due to restricted logistics activity which is crucial in most businesses’ operations. 

Most business owners take their daily transactions online, and in the absence of access to physical stores, the need for shipping and transportation rises among entrepreneurs. A number of logistics companies remain operational despite the lockdown, making them indispensable for struggling businesses.

Compiled below are a list of Operational Logistics Companies that can help business owners transport their products or materials while adhering to safety measures enforced by our government: 

Grab Express/ GrabFood

Founded in 2012 originally as a ride hailing app, Grab, Southeast Asia’s largest mobile technology company connects millions of consumers to millions of drivers, merchants, and businesses. 

Aside from its recently suspended ride hailing service, Grab offers same day point to point deliveries for individuals.

Grab has been considered as one of the essential apps a Filipino must have especially during this time of crisis especially with the restrictions caused by the ECQ.

Grab Express and Grab food help small businesses deliver their goods to their customer’s doorstep. These features merit grab to be tantamount to a lifeboat for businesses facing challenges due to this pandemic. 



Angkas Padala 

Angkas is a motorcycle ride-hailing platform and courier service that aims to help tackle transport mobility for Filipinos where country traffic is some of the highest in the world.

They take pride with their “Professional Riders” who undergo a training program before being a certified rider to ensure safety and quality of service. Motorcycles are quality-checked to ensure safety of its passengers and parcels in transit.

Angkas has this new feature called angkas x restos that allow consumers to call any operating restaurant or food business, place their order, and have angkas deliver the goods to them.

 There are no lists of partner businesses nor prior applications, as long as they are operational, angkas can cater to their logistics needs which can be arranged by a few taps from the consumers phone. 



Joyride PH

Joyride is another motorcycle ride hailing app which started in 2019 that endeavoured to help filipino commuters tired from the day to day traffic and with the help of their biker partners, create an enjoyable traffic free lifestyle in the Metro. 

Since the Enhanced Community Quarantine or ECQ suspended their ride hailing operations, Joyride PH has started campaigns to help filipino individuals and businesses cope up with challenges and restrictions that the ECQ has brought us.

They have launched a Delivery and Pabili campaign, in which consumers can advise the drivers via their app to pick up or buy essentials for them under 2000 Php and have them delivered to their doorstep. Business owners can instruct their patrons to utilize these to ensure a safe and efficient delivery.

Users are given the option to participate in a donation campaign in which they could donate goods like medical supplies and Personal protective equipment (PPE’s) to our frontliners while utilizing their services. If you run an online mini-mart for example, customers can purchase essentials that they need through you, and have the Joyride biker buy the needs for them and deliver it to their doorstep.




Lalamove is a logistics company that provides on-demand and same-day delivery services through their mobile and web application. They do this by connecting customers to a database that includes thousands of partner drivers.

Let’s say you market rubbing alcohol online, and you have 20 customers all around the metro who want a bottle, you could have Lalamove pick them up from you in bulk, and deliver them separately.

Lalamove has its own purchase service, in which they could save customers the hassle of leaving home and lining up by purchasing items worth 2000 Php or below on behalf of them.

Even with the covid19 travel restrictions limiting travel and transportation of goods, Lalamove remains fully operational, giving business owners the ability to operate amidst the limitations set by the lockdown.




Transportify is a full-service logistics marketplace powered by advanced mobile and web app technology that enables businesses to book and manage ground transportation of their goods, freight, merchandise and more.

It connects businesses to their network of 76,146 Active Vehicles around Metro Manila, Rizal and Pampanga. They offer Long Haul trucking services from city to city at an affordable price which can be determined from the app itself. They have customized equipment that is designed to cater to the unique needs of each of its clients.

Transportify has a round the clock customer email and chat support team and allows real time tracking of customer’s parcels through the app which gives them full visibility and assurance from point to point.



RML Courier Express

RML Courier Express International Corporation is a multi vehicle logistics company that helps businesses and individuals transport their cargo both locally and internationally.

RML’S main operations include land, air and sea courier and freight forwarding service. International, Domestic and Metro Manila door-to-door pick-up and delivery of documents and parcels, sea and air freight cargo forwarding and trucking.

With the versatility of its services, RML can help move almost all kinds of items for business owners, whether from the supplier or to the customers.

The 23 year old cargo and freight company remains operational despite the ongoing lockdowns due to the coronavirus contingency measures. It keeps its customers updated with news about the Enhanced Community Quarantine and tips on how to help avoid the spread of the said virus on their Facebook page.



RVMarzan  Logistics Inc.

R.V Marzan Logistics inc. is a 40 year old freight forwarding company that leads in Philippine Logistics which aims to speed up the process in trade and commerce in the Philippines and throughout the world.

They have a fleet of trucks, trailers and transportation equipment and specialize in transportation of containerized cargoes.

Its services include domestic distribution, freight forwarding,  vacuum packaging, wood casting, bulk transfers,supply chain management, trucking and warehousing.

With this said, If your goods are huge, fragile and need extra care, RV Marzan is a good logistics partner to consider.

With a wide selection of services, R.V Marzan is able to cater to businesses of every size. Providing their needs from Loading and unloading to delivery or installation if required.



Toki Toki

Toki Toki is a pasig-based start up logistics and customer management company that focuses on working hand in hand with clients and their E-commerce logistics needs. 

They aim to provide top of the line services in a thematic with a cheap price. They offer free pickups, and are noted to be 60% cheaper compared to its competitors in the industry. 

Toki Toki Targets a large market that ranges from casual sellers to young professionals and those small or startup businesses who operate online.

They are designed to be The first affordable, high quality, fast and reliable themed delivery service which makes them a go to for start up businesses who want an affordable but unique logistics partner.



J&T Express

Established in Indonesia in August 2015, J&T Express is a technology-based and internet development e-Commerce delivery company.

Locally they operate nationwide, with over 400 branches all over the archipelago. They have an extensive network that supports delivery services inter city, inter province or across the nation. 

They take pride in their commitment to utilizing advanced IT systems to improve efficiency and quality of service to customers. They take the principle of easy and fast delivery along with an efficient claims settlement system which is appealing to many business owners who consider teaming up with them.

If you plan to sell some items such as cosmetics through online marketplaces, J&T Express will take over right after check out, by bringing your items from the warehouse to the customer’s doorstep as they update them in real time.




Foodpanda is the leading online food delivery marketplace in 40 countries across 5 continents. 

Originating from Germany and introduced in the Philippines in 2014, the online food marketplace is tied up with over 1000 partner restaurants nationwide.

It allows its app users to discover various food establishments around the neighborhood through the app and allow them to directly order via mobile phone. 

If you run a restaurant or want to sell take out from the convenience of your kitchen, make sure you have it listed on FoodPanda.

They are known to be fully operational despite the various lock downs due to the spread of Covid19, allowing businesses to sell food to their loyal customers amidst the difficulty to go out.



Gogo Xpress

Gogo Xpress is a local payment and delivery platform that helps startup businesses sell and transport their goods without using a website.

Having a one to one transaction billing and fairly low delivery fees, Gogo express attracts social sellers who eventually turn their casual selling into a full time start up business. 

Being an integrated payment and delivery platform, Gogo Xpress also gives the buyers hassle free payment checkouts and deposits them into the sellers linked payment channel.

So if you plan to start up a business or sell some goods, Gogo Xpress can give you a jumpstart and put those plans to work.



Keep in mind that these aforementioned companies may not commit to their usual advertised time due to the setbacks of the ECQ. Having different natures of operation, each company has different ways of fulfilling their deliveries. It is important that business owners would know which service in particular will be most efficient for the goods they sell.

On the other hand, among the different features and services these companies offer, they all have one goal in common: to help businesses move their goods during these trying times. Making them crucial for daily operations.

Partnered with proper online marketing, small businesses would be able to remain operational. This will keep business owners afloat despite the challenges set by the global pandemic. 

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