What’s A Sure-fire Way to Being Happy? Being on Purpose.

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: November 5, 2013

be on purpose, be happy

Remember that for every action you do, you must be on purpose and be happy.

Success also means having fulfillment on what we do. There must be a deeper reason or purpose why we do what we do. Also, the fulfillment comes when we are not just content but happy. A task won’t seem difficult to accomplish if we have a positive mindset. The love we put into our work makes every minute worthwhile.

No task is challenging, no time is a waste when each step takes you closer to your goal. It’s important to have this one big goal. It helps you create your roadmap, which guides the choices you make. Imagine if your goal is to be the best heart surgeon in the country, you then take the best medical courses and specialize in that field. You don’t take gardening or mechanical engineering. The choices are the stepping-stones leading you to your goal. Each task has a purpose that doesn’t just lead you to your success but also to what truly makes you happy.

At times, we forget or we neglect our purpose and happiness. We often just concentrate on what needs to be done. We can choose to do what will fulfill our purpose and will make us happy. Remember, you only live once might as well live a happy and purpose-drive life!

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