Never Ever Give Up: Fall seven times, Stand up eight

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: April 7, 2013
Image from Blindfold

Image from Blindfold

Even if you fail numerous times, you shouldn’t give up. Like what the quote says, “Fall seven times, stand up eight.”

It doesn’t matter how much you fail, what matters is how many times you stand up. That’s what the quote is implying. Just keep on trying and always do your best. Do more each time and improve yourself.

Successful entrepreneurs didn’t get perfect conditions and experiences. They encountered several challenges before they succeeded. One good quality entrepreneurs is perseverance. They don’t just rise to the challenges, but they never stop until they reach their goal.

It is not quitting or not giving up, it’s pursuing your goal when it feels like all odds are against you. One of the hardest battles we often fight is the one with the people we expect to support us. When they start to discourage us and no longer believe in us, that’s when our will is tested.

In order to succeed, we must persevere. It is only then will we reach our goals. If we quit then all our hard work will just be put to waste.

Failure shouldn’t stop you from reaching your goal. Use it to motivate yourself.

Go ahead and fail, but always pick yourself up and keep going.


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