Good Days Start With Coffee And You

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: October 7, 2014
Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

It’s up to us how we want our day to go. We can choose to make it a great day or bad day through our attitude, perspective, and with a little caffeine.

It’s just like what the quote above says, “Good days start with coffee and you.” Caffeine kick-starts our days but our intentions and our choices will help decide the kind of life we want. We are only accountable for our choices. The circumstances will be different, easy, or difficult, but it’s always up to us what we want to do about it.

If we decide to have a good day then whatever happens, we can make it a good day. We must focus on our intentions with everything good and align all our actions to those good intentions.

We have choices, even if we feel like we don’t. We have the option to have a good day or bad day. It’s just all about what we want and maybe just a little help from a cup of coffee.

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