Ideas + Action

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: October 15, 2013

Ideas + Action

You want to create results? Then here’s my easy formula: IDEAS + ACTION.

It really is that simple. A great idea will remain an idea if you don’t do anything about it. Meanwhile, taking action while having no idea whatsoever, can lead to disastrous effects.

In order to create a balance, we need to turn those great ideas into action. Our actions speak for us and the results will show how well we execute these ideas. To achieve this, we also need proper planning. We don’t have room for drastic actions, we need define our ideas into feasible plans and execute them.

The ideas set as our guide before any execution. They are the representation we form in our head before we mold them into something tangible. The results are the ultimate representation of turning ideas into part of our reality.

Ideas are the start of any success. But it is the actions that we make bring the results.  Don’t stop at great and ingenious ideas. Make them real and make them happen.

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