Nothing Appeals To Everybody

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We can’t please everybody. We would get critics and fans all at the same time. Because the truth is, different people like different things.

We like certain things and sometimes those may not really appeal to everyone. For example, there are those who prefer to travel by land rather than boarding a plane. Both modes of transportation have their pros and cons and certain advantages just appeal to some while others prefer something else. It’s like what Gene Simmons said, “You have to understand that nothing appeals to everybody.”

This is true with businesses. It’s about specialization and finding the people who would be able to appreciate what you have to offer. Let’s face the fact that not everybody would want or need your product. But there are those who truly want it. The goal is to find these people and offer them the solution that they are looking for.

Different people have different needs. That’s why, specialization is the key. This means, you can immerse your business in targeting to help a certain group of people. You can focus on that rather than exhaust yourself and your business in trying to please everyone. Specialize in what you and your business can offer. This way you get to help more and make your business grow.

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