Learn from Mistakes: Mistakes are Proof that you are Trying

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: February 27, 2013

Often, we hear the saying, “people make mistakes.” But what we don’t hear is that it is through these mistakes, we learn.

It is normal to stumble as we try to reach for our goals. It is how we surpass our challenges that count.

As the quote says, “mistakes are proof that you are trying.” They are also ways of how we can improve ourselves.

In any business venture, entrepreneurs experience up’s and down’s before they even become successful. Successful entrepreneurs are those who even made countless mistakes. At one point of their lives, they may have even regretted certain decisions. But once they reach their goals, they would simply look at those as part of the whole experience.

Mistakes, challenges, and finding solutions are just part of the whole deal. Building a business just won’t go without them. Through these, we also become better people. It is better to make a mistake because you’re trying rather than always be in the safe side and never knowing what’s the extent of your capabilities is. You learn and grow whenever you stumble and fall. But you also learn how to get up and avoid making the same mistake as you go along.

As you make mistakes, you’re also on your way on making great things happen.

So when you make a mistake, just pull yourself together and just remember that it’s all part of the experience and it is a requirement for success.

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Plzz give an example of this thought

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