Entrepreneurship and Motivation

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are paragons of passion, courage, perseverance and wit. If you’re looking for your daily dose of motivation or an inspiring act to get your creative juices flowing, read on.

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Marketers Need To Adapt Or Risk Extinction

Change is constant. Just look at how we buy our supplies now and 50 years ago. Back then, we go to different shops around town to look for what we need. Now, we can get anything we want without leaving our home. All we need is the internet. This big difference also relates back to […]

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Strong Walls Shake But Never Collapse

Life doesn’t get easier; you just become better at it. We were never born into a world where everything came easy. We always encounter challenges. It is our choice if we would deal with them or run away from them. Strength doesn’t come out of thin air. We become stronger as we overcome one obstac...

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Bruce Lee: Knowing is Not Enough, We Must Apply – We Must Do

Thought without action is useless. But action without thought can lead to disastrous effects. Both are essential in order to get excellent results. We must be able to execute what we know in order to succeed. Success doesn’t come easy; we all know that. It takes some planning, researching, and a ...

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You Are Never Too Old To Dream A New Dream

  Starting over can be harder than failing. It can give you disappointment and make you lose hope. There is also that lingering fear if you can make it this time. The good thing is, it is a whole new chance to do better; another shot to succeed. Some businessmen don’t succeed at their initia...

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Wait And It Will Be Too Late

We don’t always have to wait for that one big break. Sometimes, we need to make great opportunities happen for our business and us. As entrepreneurs, we believe in careful preparations and good research before diving into a new business venture. Often, we question and ask for proofs on new fads. ...

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More Contact Means More Word Of Mouth

When people hear the term networking, they tend to see it as something negative. It’s like they are afraid they will be used at one point. But it’s not. It’s just about getting to know more people aside from your first-degree relationships and sharing ideas and concepts. Network is all about expa...