Tips on Optimizing your Facebook Page

Facebook is simply one of the best assets an Internet marketer has if he were to spread awareness and nourish trust in his community. Sadly though, while Facebook is a fairly easy social network to find your way in, a lot of marketers get lost.

The challenge basically lies in getting people to like your page. Now it may be a tad simple to get someone to click that Like button, but it involves a lot of work and arguably awesome copy skills. Of course, it’s all in the call to action and the value you’ll give them for liking your page.

So how exactly do you get more people to like your page? I’ve listed down a few things you might want to do. Check it out:

  • Get an iFrame Reveal tab – Now, allowing your prospective liker to see your wall is one thing. It allows your user to scroll down and find out for themselves who you are and what you do. It’s not the best thing to do given that Facebook is a social network and that user is just a chat or notification away from wandering from your page.

What you can do is tell them straight who you are and incorporate your brand in the process. The best way to do that is by having a custom template that blocks users from seeing your wall unless they Like your page. Such is the feature that iFrame reveal tabs have and if you want to do your business some good, you better get one of them.

  • Shoot a welcome video – A welcome video should be integrated with the reveal tab. The content of the video, of course, is a short introduction of who you are and what your business does for them. Do NOT pitch anything in at this point. Just focus on providing them the value they need and want and you’ll be closer to getting them to Like that page.

Besides, putting in a video for them to watch is something that’d work really well for your campaign. You’re not only giving your audience the chance to watch something awesome (provided you make a really good video), you’re also giving your business a human face that they can associate the brand with.

  • Offer value – Now, if you want to get them to Like your page, you’ve got to give them extra motivation to do so. Offer a free report or send them a link to a series of videos that can address their needs. You can outline this in your welcome video.
  • Optimize copy – Your reveal tab copies should point at only one thing and that’s for your users to like the page. Being consistent with what you want and giving your prospective liker enough motivation should be enough for them to like your page.


Consistency, clarity and value are three important things you’d want to remember when creating your business fan page. It’s may not always be the graphics and whiz-bang effects that gets users to Like your page, but they help.