Facebook Marketing 101: How To Measure Success?

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: May 14, 2014

Posting a status or an image on Facebook is easy, but knowing if somebody is reading it and if you were able to attract your target audience is another thing. Brands who have set up a Facebook Page can take advantage of its benefits. For one, they can measure the success of their Facebook marketing strategies.

Before going through all your brand’s Facebook posts, you need to define your objectives with each plan, strategy, and post.

What do you want to achieve?

Whichever of these, having a defined objective can help set your intentions and your plan of action. Also, it will be easier to measure your success. You are now defining what does success means for your company. How can you say you have been successful with your efforts?

Next is to find out when are your fans most active. So you can schedule your posts accordingly. This is also helpful to get the most of your Facebook marketing efforts. You also need to research on when post types are most engaging. This just means, knowing the preference of your fans. Do they prefer seeing images in the morning and videos in the afternoon?

Remember, with all your posts you will go through this process:

Test → Measure → Optimize 

Testing is the experimental stage where in you try something then you measure its success. See how effective it is and if it gives the result you are looking for. Optimize is when you go back to the drawing board to enhance and improve. You now ask yourself, what can I do better to make it more effective? How else can I improve this?

This process may never end because as time passes by you will discover new and better ways of doing things. It is a continuous learning and experimentation. So go and try it. See how else you can take your Facebook marketing efforts to newer heights.


Brighton West

Thanks for sharing! One thing I started recently: posting from brands in the evening can be very successful. Most brands close shop at 5:30pm. So posting (and responding) in the evening means there's less "brand competition" for customer eyeballs. Of course - you need to test this...

2014-12-06 12:32:58

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