Giveaway Items Reinforce Your Expert Identity

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: January 1, 2014
Image from Hubspot

Image from Hubspot

Who doesn’t enjoy a freebie here and there? We all do. But what do the people giving away these items gain?

Giveaway items are part of marketing and branding. Brands and influencers see the items as their representative to let clients know who they are and what they offer. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs need to be careful when it comes to these giveaway items. According to Susan Friedmann, “Recognize that giveaway items serve as silent ambassadors, reinforcing your Expert Identity—choose them carefully!”

The giveaways can provide positive and negative results. If your prospects liked the product, then they will find out more about your company and your business; thus, adding a new client to your list. Meanwhile, if the item didn’t please them, not only will you lose one client, but you will also lose the probability of gaining that person’s network. Remember, word gets around, whether it is positive or negative review.

When you giveaway items, you send your name and brand with it. So you need to be careful when it comes to that. You need to think it through before pursuing this action. Make a great first impression with a well thought-of offers and giveaways. Don’t waste the opportunity to let people know what your business can offer. Choose you move well.

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