Learn From Your Most Unhappy Customers

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: May 15, 2013
Image from blog-growth.com

Image from blog-growth.com

Our customers are our greatest critics. We can get the most honest feedback from them.

And when it coms to learning from our mistakes, we must listen to our most unhappy customers. It’s just like what Bill Gates said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

This is true. We may not like what they will say but they are true and we will see what we need to improve. Our fans will rave about our products and services but those who are not satisfied would tell us our flaws.

Entrepreneurs value their customers’ feedback. They know that the feedback will help them improve their businesses. It will give the insight on which areas of the business needs improvement. Once we realize these flaws, we can adjust appropriately.

Do not be afraid of the feedback or be discouraged; welcome them. Think of your customers as those who will help you see what your business is lacking. Don’t just learn from your mistakes; correct them. Make use of what you learn in order to succeed.

Listen to your customers; the business will cater to them anyway. Embrace all the feedback; don’t be deterred by them. Instead, use them to make your business grow more.


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