6 Tips For Content Marketing Success

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: May 12, 2014


Content marketing is a great part of internet marketing that has been proven to generate success in terms of gaining new leads and customers. A lot of brands are already realizing the power of content and taking advantage of it. More importantly, content marketing can take your brand to new heights.

Below are some tips I believe will help brands and companies with their content marketing strategies:

  1. Be Platform Agnostic – Focus on the content first, before focusing on the platform. If you focus on the content, regardless on the platform evolution, you will succeed.
  2. Be a Content Curator – Use content curation in order to expand your content. At the same time, you get to share the content and engage with other authors and influencers.
  3. Use Videos – It is the most viral type of content. Take advantage of it.
  4. Tell Your Story – Add a personal touch and personal flavor, in order to relate more with your target audience. This is how you can humanize the brand. Share a part of you with your audience.
  5. Repurpose Content – This allows different version and different formats of your content. It’s a solution to never running out of content as well.
  6. Provide Value – Content must always address a specific concern. It must be actionable. Make sure you answer questions and even offer solutions to improve the lives of your audience.

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