Remarkable Social Media Content = Great Sales Copy

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: September 2, 2013
Image from HubSpot

Image from HubSpot

These days, it’s important to share great content. Content will help gain more followers and can help a business grow. But what can we consider good content?

Social media lets you share not just great content but relevant ones. These are what your followers would need and would ideally answer their questions. A sales copy is also similar to social media content. According to Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger, “Remarkable social media content and great sales copy are pretty much the same—plain spoken words designed to focus on the needs of the reader, listener, or viewer.”

Never forget that your content should be all about your followers. It should always pertain to them, their needs, and their concerns. It is never about you. Also, a great sales copy needs to be simple and focused on your customers. What would draw customers to you is how much you are willing to help them. It’s about how much you are willing to give whole-heartedly. It’s not what you can get from them. They will sense that. We need to be clear and genuine with our intent in order to get our message across.

Don’t overthink your content. Instead, put yourself in the shoes of your followers. What would you want to know? What do you need? Ask these questions and you will be able to provide valuable and relevant content.

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