Start With The End In Mind, And Work Backward

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: July 22, 2013
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Once we find what we want, the next step is to create a goal, which is the easy part. Knowing what we need to do first is more challenging. There are even times that we get stuck just thinking about what we need to do to achieve our goals.

It’s not easy to reach a goal, much else figure out the first thing you need to do. Just keep in mind what Michael Stelzner said, “Start with the end in mind and work backward.” This formula can give you a path to follow to reach your goal. For example, you need to create a wooden box. With the end in mind of producing a box and working backward, you need to fasten the wood in place by using a nail and hammer. You also need a blueprint of some sort to follow the instructions to create the box; hence you need to research for that. Most importantly, you need to gather all the right materials.

The formula of the end in mind and working backward can make everything easier and would even make you work faster. This system lets you focus more on what you need to do and prevents you from getting distracted. It lets you keep your eyes on the end result, your goal, and nothing else.

Strong commitment and focus are necessary to reach one’s goal, but it is our actions that would lead us to it. So don’t waste your time and efforts on distractions. Do what you really need to do. This way, you reach your goal in no time.

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