You Can’t Shortcut Relationships

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: July 17, 2013
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Successful internet marketing rely on the relationships we build. It’s not just about selling or offering products. We need to make a connection with our readers and followers.

Building relationships take time and like Scott Stratten said, “You can’t shortcut relationships.” There are no shortcuts in building relationships. Just think of your closest and best friends. They didn’t become your best friends in just a few minutes. It took some time, even years to have a strong relationship. It’s the same with your followers.

Digital entrepreneurs value the relationship they build with their followers and clients. They believe in creating a strong connection; they would gain more. That’s the very reason they don’t think of their readers as clients right away. They take time to get to know their followers in order to find out what solutions they could offer their readers.

Just like in order to succeed, there are no shortcuts in relationships. It takes time and work. Shortcuts often give short-term results. So don’t go for shortcuts, dedicate ample time and you will reach your goal.

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