The Advantages of Blogging for Your Business

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: March 6, 2013


Blogging is no longer just an avenue to express your feelings online. Now, it has become a way to build your business’ online presence. Although not necessary, it has proven to be a great way to increase visitor traffic to your website.  Thus, helping increase the chance of getting customers and improving sales.

But how can exactly help online businesses? Well first and foremost. People love blogs because it humanizes a company or brand. It just means that clients/visitors are able to interact with companies. A blog is often presented as a brand’s spokesperson, giving updates and current information from the brand.

Meanwhile there are other reasons why blogging can help online businesses. For example, search engines love blogs. Search engines can easily find blogs through a post’s title and its content. This also benefits business owners since their business become more visible online.

Blogs attract more readers with fresh content. Readers become loyal to a blog because of the regular updates and valuable information they get from it. So as long as you continue to post valuable contents regularly, readers will keep coming to your site. This can also help generate new and more readers.

Blog helps create an online community. Like I mentioned earlier, blogs encourages interactions and engage its readers through the comments feeds. More than that, comments can turn into a whole different traffic, engaging more readers.

Companies also benefit from blogs since they get customer feedback easily. Moreover, blogs can help drive traffic to a company’s website. Hence, why I recommend digital entrepreneurs to have a website and a blog.

Now, you’re asking if your blog can serve as your website? Well, not really. The blog can be integrated into your website. See, the website serves as the place for your product inventory. Meanwhile, the blog serves as your announcement board and feedback forms.

There are different blogging platforms to choose from online, but I highly recommend WordPress. I also suggest in getting your own domain. This means your blog’s url would be rather than

This presents your business as more professional and owning a space, whether online, is more valuable than renting.

Are you ready to create your own blog?

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