Where and How To Find Your Customers Online?

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: March 11, 2013


I’ve previously mentioned that the first step on how you can get customers online is by defining your target market and by seeking out their needs. Sure, there are a lot of approaches when it comes to attracting customers online. There’s the classic engaging your readers and providing valuable content. These can help you convert followers into customers.

But before you even go to that, it’s time to know where and how to look for them.

What some of you may be asking is, “how do you find your customers?” See, with a defined target market, you would be able to concentrate on looking for the right prospects. Say, your target market is people who like baking, you wouldn’t go and spend time on talking to people who is interested in carpentry, right?

The first place to look for potential clients is in your circle. I’m talking about your friends, family, and colleagues. Ask if they know somebody who may be interested in what you have to offer. But remember to leave the sales talk. Just start a simple conversation like, “Hey, do you like cupcakes? Because I am so into baking nowadays.” Something like that. You are still doing your research at this level, researching who in your immediate circle is interested or knows someone who would be interested in your business.

Another great place to look for your potential customers is in social media sites. Yes, I’m talking about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterst, and so much more. Now, how do you search them? Go to the page of a popular figure that specializes in the niche of your business. Let’s say in baking, you can check out bakers in your state/country who people look up to as an authority. Then, check out his fanbase. Most likely the fans would be interested in your products as well. Remember not to sell them anything. Contact them through private or direct messages or add them in your friends list. Engage them by talking about your common interest. Then, you may ask them to follow your updates and check out your website.

Remember to ask permission, not just out of courtesy but because you don’t want to sell right upfront and be turned down immediately.

Utilize social media as a way of connecting and communicating with people of the same interest as yours. That’s the only way to find potential customers.

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