Blogging Is About Perfoming Everyday Not Writing One Key Post

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: October 14, 2013
Image from Hubspot

Image from Hubspot

We now know that content is king in internet marketing. But how do make sure we are blogging effectively?

Aaron Wall, author of the SEO Book Blog, has an opinion about this, “Doing well with blogging is not about writing one key post, it is about performing day after day and helping a few people at a time.” What Wall mean is we need to provide content on a regular basis. We must not focus on creating that one great post and become a one-hit wonder. It is about the continuous action and helping people each day.

People often asks me how often should one blog. And I always answer, blog as often as you can. If you can do it everyday then that’s better. This way, you would give your blog traction. Also, search engines notice blogs who have regular activities. An inactive blog won’t make it to page 1. Meanwhile, your blog needs to have relevant content. People won’t visit your blog if they can’t get any relevant information from it.

Don’t get stuck in writing that incredible blog post. Instead, take it a day at a time. Continue to write relevant content regularly in order to create a following. Focus on helping people through your content.


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