Marketing Insight: Connect your Content with your Contact

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: July 4, 2012

Believe it or not, staying relevant is one of the things most Internet marketers have trouble with. This is because most of them market their brand – not necessarily what their audience wants to talk about especially if they’re starting.

Simple analogy:
I’m sure we all have that friend who doesn’t get sick and tired of talking about him/herself and his/her problems. At one point, didn’t you get sick and tired of hearing all these?

Point is, you have to talk about something that your target audience LOVES to talk about – not just you. Say it with me (while gesturing your hands as if comparing two separate things): Connect the contact information with the content information.

Being relevant entails knowing what gets your audience to talk – their hobbies, their wins, their losses. It’s all supposed to be about your audience.

Keep this in mind whenever you’re writing up a blog post, making a product or just communication in the social networks and you’re bound to get more traction and gain more trust from the people you want to work with.

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