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ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: August 31, 2011

Getting your posts to appear on your fans’ Facebook news feeds is sort of like a challenge. You need to be posting at the right time with consistency, and you need to be able to draw in the crowd with the content you’re posting.

That means more likes, comments and more likes in comments. As a brand and business, you also want to be able to market yourself as an authority in your industry. That means no-nonsense posts and down-to-business insights and articles on the latest developments. But how do you draw attention and become as relevant to your business as possible at the same time?

That’s simple. Use chat ups. Chat ups are great ways of engaging customers and at the same time raising your interaction for your Facebook page. They’re pretty simple to set up and all you’ll really need is a Hootsuite, TweetDeck or any other automated post tool to help you out in posting these attention getters.

Here’s a short list of chat ups you may want to use:

This chat up gets its power from humor and if you plan to use this one, be sure that besides having enough pictures for posting, you have the sense of humor to go with it too.

Remember to use these chat-ups only as needed. You want your folks craving for these pieces of information. As much as possible, set up schedules for these so your audience have something to look forward to from you.

Let me know your thoughts, folks.


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