Quick Edit And Other Features In WordPress

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: December 17, 2013

SONY DSCTime is always of the essence in everything we do. That’s why if we can save some time even in editing blogs.

Here’s when Quick Edit and Bulk Actions features come in handy. You only need to place the cursor on the title of the post you want to edit and click the Quick Edit link under the post’s name.

You can use Quick Edit feature to edit these:

Editing posts in bulk is a great time-saver too, especially if you need to do a single action on several posts. To do this, simply check the posts you want to edit using the checkbox. Then, under the Bulk Actions you may select Edit and click Apply.

If you are low on time and need to edit a few things on your blog, then these features will help you out. Go ahead and try them out.

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