Marketing Is A Contest For People’s Attention

ben francia | by Ben Francia |Last Updated: September 17, 2014
Image from Creatage

Image from Creatage

When the word marketing is mentioned, some people link it with promotions and sales. But it is so much more than those concepts. Marketing is about capturing your target audience’s attention long enough for them to listen to what you are saying.

Seth Godin explained it better. He said, “Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” All companies do marketing, but not everyone succeeds. Some do it better than others while there are those who at times feel clueless on what they are doing. First thing you need to figure out is who your target market and audience is. You can’t generalize on this matter. You must be specific for only then will you have a successful marketing strategy. Once you figure that out, you need to get to know your audience and figure out the best way to get their attention.

If your marketing strategy works, then sales would come in naturally. Marketing is about engaging with your customers in order to get their attention. Once you have their attention, you need to provide them with the information they need.

In a sea of noise, you need to find how to break through it so that your audience would give their attention. Marketing is an easy concept to grasp and execute. Know your audience first and engage with them, that’s how you make them listen.

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