Be Brave, Take Risks: Nothing Can Substitute Experience

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: March 21, 2013

Risks can be scary.But it’s the not knowing what will happen next that’s truly scary. You start asking yourself questions like: “Will I succeed? What if it doesn’t work out?”

And you know, that the only to find out is if you take that risk.

All entrepreneurs take risks. Being an entrepreneur is already a risk on its own because you have really no control or power over what will happen next. Yes, you can do the market study, the research, and prepare, but there will always be some aspects in your business when the decision to take or not take the risk is the only way to go.

As entrepreneurs, you shouldn’t be so afraid of taking risks. For it is there where we truly learn. Like the quote above says, “Nothing can substitute experience.” We simply learn through our experiences. These experiences teach us how to improve, what’s the best way to tackle a challenging situation, and how to prevent certain situations next time.

Successful entrepreneurs took a lot of risks before they even became successful. They’ve also been down that road of feeling scared and anxious whenever challenges arise. But they shoulder on and turned those challenges as great experiences. They know that risks, challenges, and experiences are all part of success.

So next time, instead of feeling scared about taking risks, just think of it as making another great experience.

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