How To Go Viral Online?

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: November 7, 2013

A presentation in slideshare made by a digital agency called Xplain, tells us how digital marketers help brands become viral.

The presentation’s message was easy to understand. We just need to realize the facts that the digital world is full of information, videos, and so much marketing ploy that it can sometimes be difficult to stand out and make a difference. In short, how can you make people react and share what you have to say? How can you spread an idea?go viral online

According to the Xplain, it’s not about the smarts, big budgets, accident, or the messenger.  We simply need to focus on the message and make it easy to share. We need to say what we just need and make it accessible to everyone.

A simpler way to achieve this is to share stories. Stories that will be useful and make us feel, that we can’t help but share them.

The rest are just add-ons. Of course if it’s visually appealing then that can help boost its popularity.

The best formula is by mixing and matching the strategies. It’s about finding the right content for the right audience.

Check out the slides and let it help you create your own content strategy to become viral online.

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