One-Sentence Tips For Bloggers

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: March 7, 2014

One-Sentence Tips For BloggersThe blogging world is a vast community. There are tips after tips on how to blog better and how to capture your readers’ attention online. But let’s avoid the hassle of sifting through more than a hundred thousand tips. Jeff Bulas compiled the tips into one great list, organizing them into several categories such as: structure and composition, search engine optimization, tech stuff, layout, and more.

Let me share 14 of my favorite tips from the list!

  1. Blog posts can be informational or editorial, detailed or high-level summaries, but not all of the above at the same time.
  2. To get comments, don’t tell the whole story and end with a question or two.
  3. Google wants to give highest search visibility to content that is authoritative, relevant, useful, readable and shareable.
  4. Use WordPress unless you have very good reasons not to.
  5. Don’t force visitors to log in to leave a comment.
  1. Blog search, categories, recent posts and the blog archive are essential sidebar components.
  2. The blog header should convey some idea of what the blog is about, who it’s written for, and why those people should read it.
  3. Essay form is effective for business blogging, but a great story is even better.
  4. When you borrow an idea or gain inspiration from it, give credit (and a link) to the source.
  5. Rather than fretting about hitting a particular word count, say what you have to say and then stop creating.
  6. Community building takes far more time than writing.
  7. Responding to comments lets commenters and other readers know you care, which builds loyalty.
  8. The best way to improve is to read bloggers you admire.
  9. Be willing to (thoughtfully) violate every one of these tips, because in blogging there are no rules.

Jeff Bulas has 50 one-sentence tips for blogging. View them all here.

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