5 WordPress Tips For Beginners

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: October 31, 2013

wordpress tips for beginners
One of the easiest ways to market your brand is by blogging. A helpful tool to use is WordPress. The good news is you don’t need to be a genius to work with it.

Now you’re excited about the possibilities WordPress can offer, let me give you some tips on fully-utilizing your WordPress-based blog.

  1. Aim for a neat sidebar –The last thing you need on your website is clutter, starting in the sidebar. Avoid stuffing your sidebar with your ads, your social media icons, links to your most recent tweets, and so on. Just place the essential widgets that would actually help your business or cause. Adjust what appears on your sidebar in Appearance & Widgets. When deciding on what should be on your sidebar, ask yourself these questions: Will it add people to my list? Will this put money in my bank account? Will my readers take an action I’d like them to take? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then it has no place in your sidebar.
  2. Search the media library with ease –You need to take advantage of your media library. Start by organizing it so you can search for what you need quick. Have an integrated folder where you can easily search any media file you need. Put all your media files into one folder and search by name. How? Simply go to Settings & Media and uncheck the button next to “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders.”
  3. Better hits with better titles and descriptions –This is very important because when you share a post or your page on Facebook and other social media sites, they pick up the page title and description. And when readers search your site in search engines, it is the title and description that would be the factor they consider on whether to visit your page. The descriptions are for your readers. Don’t try to tweaking them to cater to search engines. Make them interesting and enticing and create a strong call to action.
  4. Work your images –I’m not saying having more images or animated ones. Instead, add an alternate text and title in your images.
    • The title tag is the text that appears when someone hovers over that image.
    • Meanwhile, the alternate text is what they’ll see in place of your image if it’s unavailable.
    • Remember, the texts need to make sense and are accurate. They need to describe what the image in your content. Be clear on how you describe it and don’t just randomly stuff keywords.
  5. Footer –Don’t forget the footer. This is where you can place a copyright message and information about who owns your website. Your readers will scroll down to the footer to see information about the site, so give them that and keep engaging them.

From the sidebar to the footer, there are lots you can do to have a great blog not just in the search engines’ perspective, but also for your readers’ convenience and reading pleasure. Start customizing your blog with these beginners tips!

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