Tell People What Specific Action To Take

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Directing our clients to what they can do is one way we can show our passion for our work. It also helps bring us closer to them as we start to relate with them.

In digital marketing, guiding our clients is a good way to offer our products. Actions can spark intrigue and may even result in people believing in our products. Jay Abraham said, “Tell people what specific action to take.” These specific actions help bring in our clients to show them our business. Once we have guided them to the right path, they can understand the business and products better; thus, giving them more information.

As we tell people the specific actions to take, we also engage them into gaining valuable information. We give them the hint of what to do next or anticipate what else is to come. This sense of anticipation and direction will often lead them to the core of a business and a product. The result? It’s getting a deeper understanding on what a company or a brand is all about.

Sure, this may help in sales; but more importantly, we bring them closer to us. This is another form of engagement that we need in this digital age. The human and personal factor people secretly craves online. Don’t stop with sharing valuable content; give your customers specific actions to take.

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