5 Reasons Why Brands Need to Have Their Own Blog

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With the rise of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, it’s out of the question whether getting a blog would be good for your brand. Everything’s digital nowadays and if you’re not in the Internet, you’re missing out on the good stuff (aka leads and customers).

In this article, I’ll talk about why you must absolutely get a blog for your brand and how doing so can put you ahead of the competition and boost your bottom line. I listed down 5 of the best reasons, check it out:

1. To establish your brand as an Authority

What brand wouldn’t want a little piece of authority? To be considered as an “Authority” means you no longer have to be where your audience is at (at least, not if you’re the supreme authority), they’ll usually flock to you. In any case, having a blog means you have the ability to be the main source of information for your audience.

And how can you not be if you’re consistently posting content that continues to relieve your audience’s pain by providing answers and solutions to their questions and problems? The power to have authority is obtained by simply putting yourself out there with a blog.

2. To get search engine rankings

Google and other search engines loves fresh and relevant content. To own a blog means to have some sort of magazine that publishes new stuff regularly. So in theory (and in some case studies), if you own a blog, you immediately gain the favor of the big G. This, in turn, means more traffic and potential money for your brand.

Search engines, particularly Google, crawl the web regularly for fresh content. Having a blog that you proliferate with content on a regular basis makes you a fresh relevant source of information – which could land you a good spot on the search engines.

3. To humanize your brand

Would you rather listen to a talking brochure? Or a person in the form of a website? You see, a blog can be your brand’s spokesperson. By telling stories that resonate with your audience and by engaging them with fascinating articles, you’re actively humanizing your brand.

You see, when you blog, you’re not only spewing out random information, you’re giving value by providing answers and solutions to your target audience. This gives your brand a personality who understands things from your audience’s perspective – a vital thing if you want to be trusted.

4. To be ahead of the competition

The best place to be ahead of the competition is in the Internet. If your competitors are already there, then all the more you should be there too! You see, one edge the Internet brings you, besides the stellar online presence, would be the engagement you could have with your customers.

Besides, let’s face it: Not everyone understands the potential of the Internet. With a blog, you can take advantage of this potential and leave the competition in the dust.

5. To build trust

As mentioned earlier, with a blog you spread all sorts of content – from informative blog posts to list-type how-to articles that help your audience get a clearer grasp of your niche. And this is a good thing because you’re slowly making a connection.

Once you’re the go-to blog for what your audience is interested in, anything you recommend and ask them to do – they WILL do. This is because you’ve taught them all that they needed and wanted to know.

That’s 5 main reasons why you need to get a blog for your brand. Remember, once your blog is up and running, the potential for people from around the World Wide Web to know about your product increases. When that happens, you get to reach your bottom line (get more customers), keep your audience entertained and, at the end of the day, everyone’s happy.

So start a blog now and claim your spot in the Internet. No one else deserves it but your brand.

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