Your Culture Is Your Brand

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: August 30, 2013
Image from HubSpot

Image from HubSpot

A brand is not just a mere logo or a product; it is how we represent ourselves to our target customers. It is also how we want to be known.

There are a lot of brands today but there is always one that would dominate a certain industry. You would know branding is effective when you associate the product with the brand. What’s the first thing that pops in your head when we talk about technology, soda, and cereal? More importantly, “Your culture is your brand,” as Tony Hsieh put it.

Each brand will always have a specific culture. Who does the brand represents? Brands also pertain to certain characteristics that the customers can relate to or resonate with.  Hence, you will get an idea of who the brand is talking to and talking about. Is it the young and hip teenagers? Or are they the yuppies climbing the career ladder? Are we talking about the new moms and dads out there? These are just a few examples.

Entrepreneurs need to find the culture they want to be involved in and they find closest to. This will help them with the branding of their company and products. Branding becomes your guide on how you want your product to be seen and what kinds of people you would want to offer your services/products to.

Branding sets your company apart. It also represents who you want to be in the world as an entrepreneur. So ask yourself, who are you and what mark do you want to leave in this world? Before you become an influencer, make sure you are creating something worth being influenced with through your brand.

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Really had a great time reading your article on brand culture. So clearly stated content. Thanks.

2019-05-16 16:51:05

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I definitely agree with what you are trying to connect with us. Your brand is what will mark the people, it is important to make things clear in connecting to our audiences of who we are, what do we do, and our purpose for the greater good. Thanks a lot.

2019-03-08 10:59:11

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