Number One Rule Of Storytelling: Make Me Care

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: April 16, 2014


Image from Slideshare

Image from Slideshare

Everyone may hear you but there will be a select few who will stay and listen to what you have got to say. The only way you can make them listen is to make them care enough.

This also applies in business. When we offer a product or service, we need to consider whom we are talking to and what we are talking about. It’s not enough to consider how we will reach them, but also on how to make them interested. According to Shane Snow, the number one rule of storytelling is to “make me care.”

If you want people to listen, you need to engage with them and capture their heart. After that, you need to build a relationship with them so you can really gain their trust. Storytelling is powerful in business. It can lead to gaining more clients and discovering new business partners. It is a way of letting people know who you are and showing them of what you can offer.

Before you even make a sale, you need people to listen to you. So tell them your story, make them care about what you have to say. Do this and you will get a chance to offer your services.

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