Persuade People With Your Ears

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Sales, sales, and numbers – Seems like businesses are driven by the amount they get for every effort they make. At times, people carry around a number over their heads to equate a day’s success. Some companies believe selling is the best way to persuade people to buy.

People love to buy. We are living in a consumer-kind of world. We like malls, sales, and bargains. Buying is not the challenge, it’s persuading customers to actually get a product and believe in your brand. Dean Rusk said, “The best way to persuade people is with your ears – by listening to them.”

Hard sell will never work. People will believe you when you are genuine and authentic in all that you are offering and telling them. But before you can even offer something, first find out what they really need. Listen to them. Hear what their pains and needs are. Only then will you be able to offer solutions that would address their needs. Successful entrepreneurs didn’t sell upfront, they looked for viable solutions and products that can help their clients by asking them what they need.

Listening first gives us a chance to offer better solutions. If we use our ears instead of bombarding our clients with offers, we will have a greater chance of persuading them to believe in our brand. Don’t try so hard in persuading your clients, listen to what they need. Only then will you make a lasting relationship with them.

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