Quit Things That Don’t Work

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: July 3, 2013


Image from blog-growth.com

Image from blog-growth.com

The road to success is no easy task. Also, there is no foolproof way to ensure you reach your goal. Most of the time, it’s about trial and error and seeing what would work best and what won’t.

Along the path to success, we would encounter several challenges and obstacles that would test our commitment to our goals. Often, we would undergo several changes just to secure our success. Some of those changes include getting rid of things that simply don’t work. Even Timothy Ferris agree to this idea. He said, “Being able to quit things that don’t work is integral to being a winner.”

Ferris believes in eliminating strategies that simply don’t work. Don’t be discourage by letting go of your brilliant ideas, because it will be replaced by an even more brilliant one. One great strategy that doesn’t work for your business is useless compared to a simple way that completely works. Why waste time and effort in making something work, when it really doesn’t? Quitting on things that don’t work shows how flexible you can be and how determined you are to attain success. It’s not about giving up, but is actually about the opposite. It shows that you can distinguish which would be best for your business and recognizing that not all things are perfect.

Why force a square peg into a round hole? This will only get you stuck on a task that can be easily resolved by changing some things. Change isn’t always bad; most of the time, it can help us improve. Keep an open eye on things that don’t work. Quit on those and find better solutions instead. Only then, will you truly succeed.

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