6 Rules To Woo Your Customers With Your Business Blog

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: June 2, 2014

Blogging can often come as a challenge for many of us, and writing a business blog is no exception. The goal is to make your readers fall in love with your company through your blog. This may seem daunting but it can be done. Entrepreneur.com shares some rules to win more business with your blog.

Rule #1: Stop spreading sales messages – Be specific in who you are writing for. Your readers won’t pay attention to your sales messages. They are more interested to know what’s in it for them. “To gain business with your blog you should stop thinking like a salesman and start acting like your reader’s mentor. A salesman wonders how to get his next sale. A mentor cares about his students. He wants to help them get ahead and live a more fulfilled life.” When you start providing relevant information, you also gain authority and trust. Once you have both, you will win new customers. You’ll eventually see that the less you pitch on your blog, the more sales you will gain.

Rule #2: Get rid of a corporate tone – You need to be personal in order to engage with your customers. Nobody really wants to talk to somebody who sounds like a robot.

According to Entrepreneur.com, “This is how you get rid of a dull corporate tone:

Rule #3: Compose deliciously seductive headlines – You need to provide headlines that will attract and tempt your readers to click through your posts. In order to do this, you can use sensory or emotional words. Numbers are also good because “they stop wandering eyes in social media streams.” You can practice creating seductive headlines or study the headlines of popular blogs to help your blog gain more readers and more customers.

Rule #4: Create enticing opening paragraphs – Aside from attracting readers starting from your blog post’s headline, you need to follow through in the opening paragraph as well. You must be able to entice your readers to read your post. Entrepreneur.com shares a simple 3-step formula:

  1. Empathize with your reader and let them know they are not the only one struggling with a specific challenge
  2. Let your reader know that your advice will improve his life
  3. Reassure your reader that your tips are easy and simple, that they can do it too.

Rule #5: Write inspirational conclusions – The best way to leave a mark on your readers’ heart is to be memorable. You need to inspire and encourage them. When we talk, or in this case, write, from the heart, people listen more. They would sense our good intentions more. And what better way to end a copy than with an inspiring message? Encourage them to practice or apply the solution or information you just offered.

Rule #6: Create an email list – Emails can help build a connection with your readers, and you can offer them to go back to your blog and read more. A simple reminder can go a long way for your business.


Building your business won’t be a walk in the park, but hard work will pay off. Remember to be persistent and be open for improvements. Soon, you will succeed.

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