Think About What A User Is Going To Type

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: June 25, 2014
Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Our best critics are our customers. They will tell you exactly what they think of your brand, product, or service. They are not shy about it too.

So how can we make sure we can provide them with great solutions? Firstly, we need to put ourselves in their shoes. We need to know what they need, how they think, and even their problems. As entrepreneurs, we need to be two steps ahead of our customers that we can almost predict what they need before they even realize they need it. It’s like what Matt Cutts from Google said, “Think about what a user is going to type.”

We need to get to know our target audience so well that we will provide them with solutions before the problem even arise. The only way we can do this is to really immerse ourselves in their daily lives. This means research and engaging them. Asking them about their needs and wants will give us a perspective of where they are coming from and understand them better.

We design solutions and products for specific target customers. So it is just right to get to know them better in order to provide them with something better, if not the best. Before you launch a new product or service, think about your customers first. See if it would fit their needs and if it would actually help them improve their lives.

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