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ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: May 3, 2013
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Look around, browse around, people are here to share different information every day and every minute. From the mundane, “What’s in your mind?” and “What’s happening”, to those highly important world issues, sharing information has become part of our lives.

This is also a way to measure how much impact or relevance a person or topic has to its readers. So if you want your blog not just to rank but to also create an impact, make sure you have something that people would want to share; just like what John Jantsch said.

Since information is readily available to all of us now, people would also find a filtering system to sort through all the information we are presented with. Our brain can only take so much, and frankly not everything we read, hear, or feel will capture our attention. This is why whatever we share must be valuable to our readers, or we would elicit a reaction from them in the form of sharing it. This will benefit us not just for the time being but also in the long run. It will certainly improve our credibility and online presence.

But information sharing is not for the benefit of the writer, it’s for our readers. Our readers after all, dictate if we are worthy of their attention or not.

It’s not about being unique or introducing something new, sometimes it’s about giving a fresh look on an old topic. We can stand out from a crowd if we are deemed to be share-worthy.

Don’t look for the next best thing, be the next best thing by providing your readers with something they would want to share. That’s the measurable way readers would tell you, “I learned something from you and I would like others to know about it.” Be that person and provide a share-worthy content.

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