Interview With Louie Sison

I have always been an open book when it comes to my experiences and journey in building an internet marketing business. Recently, I had an interview with Louie Sison, a blogger based in Pampanga, about how I started from being a web developer, spearheading my own consultancy company, and being a life coach.

Pursuing an online career can take a lot of work but the results are also fruitful. I am able to enjoy a flexible time that I dedicate to my family. At the same time, I work on what I am passionate about, which is Internet marketing and share my knowledge on how to be successful online.

Check out this video replay of the interview and find out if pursuing an online career is for you.


Q&A Session: Digital Marketing 101

Digital marketing is a strategy all entrepreneurs need in order to grow their businesses, as I have mentioned previously in my Digital Marketing 101 Webinar. But there are still a lot to learn on how to do it effectively. To answer some of your questions, I recently conducted a Q&A session.

There were a lot of interesting and digital-marketing-related questions raised. Some of them included advertising, Facebook marketing for B2B companies, as well as the different social media management tools I use.

You can view the Q&A session here. Don’t forget to sign up for a free account on DIY Digital Marketing to get exclusive access on webinar replays and other additional materials.


How Should Business Engage with their Followers in Social Media

When it comes to businesses engaging with their followers in social media, it’s all about being human and personal.

The best way to communicate with your followers is by being more personal with your messages and choice of words. Social media is a channel where we can engage with our target customers. At the same time, our followers are in social media not to hear about your new marketing offer, but to connect with people and friends.

The reason that you have Facebook friends is because it is intended to connect with your friends. So it is best to be their friend when engaging through social media. Leave the offers and the brand talk to your website. Show your human side in social media and be relatable to your audience.

Check out the video to know more ways how you can engage with your followers in your social media sites.

Ask Ben | How can I drive in new clients in to my website?

People and business new to online marketing have this common question: “How do I drive in new clients and customers in to my website?”

In this short video, I’ll be summarizing the four basic ways how to get traffic in to your website. These strategies include:

  1. Content Marketing using a BLOG
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Paid Traffic through Google Adwords and Facebook Ads

If you want me to answer your question in my next video episode,  click on this link and send me your question and I’d be glad to answer them. :)


[ASK BEN] How can I make my brand/product more searchable on Facebook?

ask ben question # 2


How can I make my brand/product more searchable on Facebook?

From Karlo Victor Abapo 

My Answer:

Perform a process called Facebook Graph Search Optimization, which essentially makes your Facebook Business page rank higher in the Facebook Graph Search according to your target keywords.

How does it exactly work? The same with search engines; Facebook now has a formula to determine the relevance of a Facebook page to a particular user. This simply means you can easily search for establishments and businesses in a specific category through certain keywords.

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[ASK BEN] What are the principles behind a successful start-up Internet Entrepreneur?

ask ben # 1


What are the principles behind a successful start-up Internet Entrepreneur?

From Kenn Costales 

My Answer:

Start a business that you are PASSIONATE about.

This has always been my first advice to every aspiring Internet Entrepreneur who wants to create business success online. This principle should be taken seriously. I’m not saying that you won’t earn money on niches that are way outside of your circle of interest. You actually still can, given the right conditions, effort and resources. But what I can guarantee you is that a business that is not based on your PASSION will never be a source of personal fulfillment and satisfaction in spite of the potential financial gains.

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[ASK BEN] Answering Questions, Building Relationships and Paying it Forward

ask ben

Once in a while I get questions via email, Twitter and Facebook from people who want to know more about building a business online. And I try my best to answer all of their questions as quickly as possible.

The web offers a vast amount of information. There isn’t any piece of information that Google can’t find. But it is often in this vastness of information that newbies often find themselves overwhelmed. Information overload would sink in, leading them in to a state of “Analysis Paralysis” and not getting anything done to jump start their online business.

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